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New Moon Tarot Reading – Expanding into Your Destiny

I hope that you enjoyed a rejuvenating holiday weekend. This month’s New Moon Spread is an expansion of the Full Moon message from two weeks ago, as we re-visit the Universe and Hanged Man cards with a message of blessing for the coming month.

The cards almost literally leaped out of the deck for this spread. It was as if the entire Cosmos was excited to connect with you. I hope that you can feel something of the depth of alignment in this message, and I wish you well in your adventures in the coming days.

The Gemini New Moon is on Wed, May 28, at 11:40 am PDT.

The New Moon Tarot Reading

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Universe in the position of Body is expressing your potential for expansion this coming month. This represents your ability to experience and express the deepest essence of who you are.

You are ready to live your life in harmony with Cosmic truth, expanding into a new level of trust. You’re releasing attachment to the way things “should” be, and showing up to fullness of what “is.”

The Hanged Man in the position of Mind expresses the expansion of your perspective or point of view. The Hanged Man represents your willingness to release preconceptions – including the way things have been or the way that others expect them to be. You are called now to listen to your inner wisdom, the still small voice within. Do so even if your ego or logical mind is protesting!

The 3 of Wands, Virtue, in the position of Spirit signifies a deep connection with your own vitality, creativity, intuition, and personal expression. You have access to your inner truth, and you can recognize it from the sense of inner alignment. This is a deep creative alignment that helps you bring your dreams to form.

5-23-tarot-3The fourth card, 6 of Disks, Success, emphases the opportunities for blessings this month. If you are able to commit to personal alignment and inner connection, the experience of “success” is waiting for you. These are material manifestations, such as synchronicities and unexpected blessings in relationships, health, and resources. The sixes are all about relationship, so make this a month to “share the wealth,” giving and receiving the blessings of well being and abundance.

This spread points to an opportunity to experience big shifts and personal leaps this month.

In the spread, the potential for conflict comes from shadow sides of the first two cards – attachment to misplaced perspective (the Hanged Man), or failing to trust the Cosmos to provide (the Universe).

In what ways are you prepared to let go in order to expand?  The letting go may be internal, as simple as a shift in viewpoint or the moment to take a breath and listen within.

When you’re able to release and expand, you will experience a new connection to your personal destiny and the fullness of what is possible in your world.

Have a wonderful month,


For more information on the specifics of this week’s astrology, see Steven Shroyer’s New Moon article at www.seattleastrology.org.

This Month’s New Moon Tarot Video

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