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Reiki Training

Seattle’s Premier Alchemy Reiki Training

Elizabeth-Schermer-1Alchemy Reiki Training is taught by Elizabeth Schermer who teaches at Seattle’s Alchemy Mystery School. She is Reiki gifted and provides a nurturing teaching style to the beginner and advanced Reiki student.

Reiki’s universal healing potentials are available to all. Elizabeth integrates Reiki energy into all aspects of her healing practice, from personal energy sessions, to human environments, and healing for the Earth. Over the past eight years she has developed a unique and powerful training program, to attune others to this powerful form of energy medicine.

The program will introduce you to all of the traditional aspects of Usui Reiki, regarding Reiki healing and the human energy system. In addition you will learn original and unique applications that Elizabeth has developed in her healing work with environments as well as personal energy work.

This comprehensive training will take place over three full day sessions, usually scheduled on Saturdays, and spaced three to four weeks apart, to allow for integration and practice.

This Course will Provide Excellent Training at Every Level

  • Receive special attunements that connect you to Reiki energy
  • Learn how Reiki connects to the chakras and the human energy system
  • Learn Reiki symbols for healing work
  • Receive instruction and a special symbol for distance energy work
  • Experience clearer access to your own intuitive wisdom and guidance
  • Connect with your own personal healing Guides
  • Learn to conduct formal energy sessions for self and others
  • Learn techniques for using Reiki in environments, both the home and workplace

There will be time throughout each session for hands-on practice and feedback. In addition you will receive exercises and practice work for your own integration between sessions.

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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