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Egypt in the glow of the Sphinx

[September News] Greetings from Egypt

Egypt in the glow of the Sphinx

Sphinx Initiation Ceremony Sept. 8

I am writing to you today from our homeland of Egypt. This morning I rose very early and greeted sunrise standing between the paws of the Sphinx.

This was my initiation into a 2-week journey on the Nile, visiting sacred sites and connecting with the most ancient wisdom teachings on Earth.

The Sphinx holds these wisdom teachings. Known as “The Altar of the World,” she holds the records of all that has ever been. She is also a living heart. She connects us to our own true essence and the divine blueprint of our highest purpose. This re-membering of the truth of our divinity is our birthright, yours and mine.

You don’t need to be in Egypt this month to experience enormous expansion. The Universe has aligned to give all of us the opportunity for real and lasting change. We are each poised for breakthrough. Breakthrough to new experiences of true essence, and new alignment with life purpose.

I wish you blessings on your path, and I look forward to connecting in person when I return.

Have a wonderful month.

Poised for Breakthrough

This year is all about creating lasting changes in your life. In my mind we are crossing the threshold into a new world. As we approach the Fall Equinox, the stars are aligned to help you “breakthrough” into new possibilities and new creative potentials.

Your current circumstances may be filled with intensity. You can trust that there is a deeper purpose to whatever is currently unfolding in your life. The Cosmos is offering you, today,  the perfect alignment of circumstances to allow you to make real and lasting changes.

This breakthrough process is two-fold. We are simultaneously releasing old patterns (often buried very deep), and expanding into new possibilities of creative potentials.

The potential for breakthrough is real. What are the changes you desire? Set your intentions and know that anything and everything is possible. More than you can even imagine.

Release of Limiting Patterns

The easiest way to know what’s up for release right now is to look at your current circumstances. Where are the challenges? What is making you uncomfortable?

The limiting patterns may appear externally through challenges in your circumstances with others, or internally through emotional discomfort or physical symptoms of dis-ease.

To get clear about what’s being activated for release, ask yourself what is familiar about this circumstance. What part of your current experience is a pattern that you recognize? This familiar pattern, repeating itself now in various forms of intensity, is what’s up for breakthrough.

Expansion into New Possibilities

The other aspect of this current pattern of breakthrough is the experience of expansion into new realms of creativity and manifestation.

Where do you feel eagerness? What is calling you forward? What are the dreams that feel just in front of you, so close you can almost touch them? This eagerness is the expression of the creative breakthrough available now.

Calling on Your Helpers

Whenever you are in a period of huge growth, the Universe always responds by offering extra help. This current pattern of breakthrough is no exception. There are infinite realms of Helpers available right now to support your release and expansion.

These Helpers may appear as people in your daily life, or as non-physical teachers and guides.

Once you understand the opportunity, and feel the eagerness of what is possible, then all you need to do is ask for help and it will appear in all sorts of ways. You will find the right circumstances, the right people, new ideas, and new visions of possibility.

The important thing to remember is that the help is there. All you need to do is ask.

The Cosmos is aligned for transformation.
The Helpers are available.
Breakthrough is on the way!!!

New Moon Tarot – Support for This Month

I won’t be publishing a Full Moon tarot reading this month, but if you are so inspired, the New Moon tarot reading from two weeks ago offers very practical advice about Breakthrough.

I have been working with this reading on a daily basis and continue to find value. This support will carry through to the next New Moon on Sept 23.

Tomorrow night, as I watch the Full Moon rise on the Nile, I will be sending heartfelt wishes for true expansion and blessings to you all.

Upcoming Events

These October events are opportunities for you to receive a personal infusion of the wisdom teachings from Egypt.


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