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Tarot Reading – The Gifts of the Lunar Eclipse

Happy Eclipse! Because this Full Moon tarot reading is one of the most spectacular spreads I’ve ever experienced, I’ve decided to share it with my entire mailing list. Please read on to learn more about the special opportunities of the coming month. (Yes, I really did draw these cards sight-unseen!)

The Gift of a Lunar Eclipse

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse always delivers a Cosmic Gift. This gift arrives from the Cosmos through a special doorway that opens in the sky at the exact location of the eclipse.

The Moon and Sun are normally in constant connection and both are sending light to Earth. When the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon, for a brief time the Moon is “unplugged” from the Sun’s light. A doorway opens at this point in the sky and Cosmic Light from all the stars and planets is delivered unfiltered.

The Moon delivers light and governs our growth through the ongoing rhythms and cycles of time. When it’s unplugged from the Sun and the cosmic portal opens, normal “time-space” requirements are suspended. This is why an eclipse offers the opportunity for quantum leaps of growth.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 12:42 am PDT Tuesday April 15. The Moon is in Libra, the Sun in Aries.

The Tarot Reading

The cosmic portal stays open for 26 days, until May 11, when the Moon returns to this point in the sky. During this time you have access to special powers, new opportunities, and internal expansion. Today’s tarot spread illuminates the nature of the Cosmic Gift and special tools you can use in the coming days.

full moon april 14The Princess of Disks in the position of Body is YOU in the world. This signifies your capacity to embody the potentials that are available with this eclipse. The Princess of Disks is a master of courage, focus, patience, and grace. She knows how to foster new life within and trusts that manifestations appear when the time is right.

The Sun in the position of Mind signifies your capacity to experience illumination and expanded awareness. The Sun unifies and enables us to connect with larger consciousness, including an expanded sense of Self.

The Moon in the position of Spirit signifies your capacity to trust the unknown. The wisdom of the night enables us to expand into Wisdom and receive the gifts from all experiences, including pain, grief, and loss.

Together these three cards represent your capacity to embrace the opposites of Light and Dark that make up the totality of life experience. This is the gift of the eclipse, perfectly expressed.

full moon april 14-1I was guided to pull two additional cards for more information about how we can fully access these opportunities.

The Three of Cups, Abundance, reminds us of the power of appreciation. The Three of Cups is all about the authentic happiness that is possible when we fully come into relationship with the present moment. When we can greet each moment and each experience as a trusted friend, we are able to expand into larger possibilities.

The Star is a spectacular conclusion to the spread. This is YOU, in partnership with the Princess of Disks, connecting with your Cosmic Self, your Divine Light. In the coming days, through this process of committing to appreciation and fully embracing the Light and Dark of each experience,  you will increase your own capacity to hold light. You will radiate more fully the truth of who you are, and connect more deeply to your own potential.

For more insights listen to the reading below. You can also read Steven Shroyer’s full astrology article on the Lunar Eclipse and related Grand Cross.

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Video

Manifest Your Cosmic Gift!

May’s Monthly Manifesting Session will focus on fully integrating the gifts and expanded awareness of this Eclipse season. We will meet May 7, four days before the portal closes. (And nine days after the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 28.)

The hour-long session happens via conference call and integrates tarot, astrology, and distance energy work to help you come into alignment with your highest potentials in the days to come.

Join me on the live call, or listen later at your convenience. Either way you will be energetically included in the manifesting session.  REGISTER HERE

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