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[Tarot Reading] New Moon Feb 28

feb new moon tarot spreadThe Pisces New Moon occurs at 11:59 pm Friday, Feb 28.

This month’s New Moon is highlighting your emotional intelligence, as well as your intuition, to help you connect more fully to your life path.

There’s a unique opportunity this month to access new creative awareness and eagerness about your path of purpose in the world.

This New Moon tarot spread offers some inspiration as well as practical tools for accessing these potentials.

The 6 of Cups, Pleasure, in the position of Body is a card of blessing. It highlights the emotional alignment and sense of well beiing that’s available this month. This is a sense of emotional pleasure without strain or stress, felt on a deep level. You have the potential this month to access a genuine sense of harmony and satisfaction in your circumstances and physical body.

The 6 of Swords, Science, in the position of Mind, is offering a similar message to the realm of the intellect and awareness. This is a card of mental balance, integrating both focus and curiosity, that enables you to see the larger patterns in things. Releasing your projections – seeing with fresh eyes – you will come to a deeper intuitive awareness of the possibilities in the present moment.

The 10 of Swords, Ruin, in the position of Spirit, signifies a release of old fears around failure or “ruin.” To emphasize this release, the card also appeared reversed. Releasing fears of failure, we are more available to the actual potentials, which are always much larger than we can even imagine.

feb new moon tarot spread 2The fourth card in this month’s spread is affirmation of your ability to break through limiting thoughts or perceptions of what is possible in your life. The Price of Swords is a warrior of the mind. He embraces creative and intuitive thinking in order to break through limiting beliefs and perceptions.

The Prince of Swords represents the warrior in YOU, as you embrace the positive aspects of your life and choose to release fear-based thinking.

In the coming month, trust today’s message of positivity and potential.

Commit to seeing and feeling the good in the present moment, and use your determination to access thoughts and emotions that “feel good.” From this place you have the potential this month to expand into a deeper sense of your life path, and new awareness of larger possibilities in your life.

New Moon Astrology is provided by Steven Shroyer. Read his entire New Moon astrology here.

New Moon Tarot Video

Happy New Moon!

Have a wonderful month,


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