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Tarot Reading New Moon Jan 30

Greetings on the eve of the 2014 Year of the Horse.

The energies this year will be strong and creative, full of external activity, vitality, and change. To support your shift to the Horse Year, the Aquarius New Moon is offering gifts of inspiration, innovation, and a healthy dose of will power to enable you to take action on what inspires you.

I drew this spread asking for insight into the “big picture” possibilities of the coming year, as well as practical guidance to assist us in the coming month.

Watch the video now, or read the following article first for a summary of the spread.

Jan 30 New Moon Tarot





The Aeon/Judgement, in the position of Body, represents your capacity to step into new levels of mastery. There is a Big Picture expansion happening in your life. You can access expanded awareness and bring this perspective into the decisions you make in your daily life. In a practical sense, this means that you will be able to identify simple actions that help you come into alignment with the wave of energy that will be released with the New Moon, and the shift to the Year of the Horse.

The 6 of Disks, Success, in the position of Mind, points to the awareness you feel of the creative possibilities for the coming year. This is a card of blessing – it always indicates “good news.” In this case,  it speaks of the good that is coming to your life.  It’s also a reminder to put your attention on the positive so that you are in alignment with the blessings that are waiting for you.

The Ace of Disks in the position of Spirit, is a powerful affirmation of the new creations that await you in the coming year. The message is that the new creations indicated by the other two cards are on their way.  The practical advice is to stay centered and trust in what hasn’t yet appeared. When you feel the eagerness of new beginnings, the actual physical manifestation may not be here yet, but you can trust that it’s coming.

I need to mention here that another gift of the Aeon/Judgement card is the manifesting power of releasing attachment to outcome. The mastery indicated by the Aeon in the physical world (your body) , means that you have come to the place where you’re ready to receive the gifts of your labors. The key piece of a Master Manifester is releasing attachment. The Universe has a much bigger vision of possibility than you can access. Hold the eagerness of your dreams but don’t be limited. Say, “This or something better.”

Thoth Tarot Card DeathThis leads us to the 4th card, Death, in the position of “Something Else to Consider.”

I drew this card, asking if there was anything practical to guide us in crossing the threshold to the Horse Year.

My meditation on this card was deeply emotional, as I received a powerful and compassionate message about how hard we have all worked the past two years.

“Death” in this case is speaking of the deep transformation we have each undergone. For many, this has involved difficult changes. For all, it’s required diving into the depths of our being. Whether or not your own growth has been painful, all of the work of the past two years has been transformational.

Above all else, it’s time now to celebrate the transformation that awaits. Celebrate your hard work, your strength, your wisdom, your resilience, and the eagerness you feel with the dawn of this new year. The image on this card is of Osiris dancing on the bottom of the ocean. He is strong, flexible, and fearless. And ready to ascend.

It’s time dance!

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