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Tarot Reading – New Moon Mar 30

The Aries New Moon occurs at 11:45 am PDT on Sunday, March 30.

This month’s New Moon follows a couple of weeks of intense and conflicting energies. Just 4 days after the Full Moon, during a powerful period of “letting go,” we also celebrated Spring Equinox, when the Sun passed mid-way between Winter and Summer Solstice and entered Aries. Thus, in the middle of a period of release, we also experienced a strong wave of initiation and the beginning of a new annual cycle of time.

The two processes have pulled us in opposite directions. No wonder many of us have felt alternating waves of eagerness and fatigue over the past few days! With Sunday’s New Moon we will fully step into the birth of  the new cycle, fueled by Aries’ vitality, courage, and eagerness for change.

The following Tarot reading offers insight into the unique opportunities of the coming month. (To watch the video just scroll all the way to the bottom of the article.)

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Ace of Discs in the position of Body signifies the birth of new forms and the beginning of the new cycle that was initiated 10 days ago at the Equinox. It represents new gifts and highlights your opportunity to expand into new dimension and new realities, to manifest new dreams.

The Ace of Cups in the position of Mind signifies emotional grace, the gift of happiness and joy. The holy grail is running over with love. With the New Moon you will have the opportunity to experience deep pleasure and the sense that all is well and you are cared for. Feel and express your appreciation for your blessings and they will multiply.

The 7 of Swords, Futility, in the position of Spirit, signifies an opportunity to release old patterns of futile thinking and self-sabotaging limiting beliefs. The central sword signifies the inspiration of the Ace of Swords (a third Ace!). The other 6 swords are the ways we limit our potential for success by failing to hold the clarity of what is possible.

hanged man thoth tarotVictory is waiting and Spirit will help you release these “futile” and limiting habits of thought.

The fourth card in this month’s spread, The Hanged Man, represents your ability to break through limiting thoughts or perceptions of what is possible in your life.

You have the opportunity this month to see things from a new perspective. The new birth represented by the Aces includes the birth of new perspective and new dimensions of consciousness.

I was prompted to draw an additional card today. The synchronicity made me smile, for the Princess of Discs was the very card I meditated on when I shuffled the cards for today’s spread.  Princess of Discs Thoth Tarot

The Princess of Discs rules the celestial quadrant of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, and teaches us the principles of embodying our highest potentials. She also rules the Ace of Discs, which started this reading.

As the pregnant maiden she reminds us to be patient during periods of new birth. She is comfortable and confident with all the possibilities that await and she knows that everything will unfold in due time.

This is truly a beautiful spread. There are many gifts embedded here and I hope that you have found inspiration for your own amazing journey this spring.

I wish you every blessing as you celebrate the newness of your life, and the infinite potential of what is awaiting birth.

New Moon Tarot Video

New Moon astrology insights are provided by Steven Shroyer. Read his entire New Moon astrology article here.

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