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The Gifts of the Lunar Eclipse

Happy Full Moon!

Today’s Lunar Eclipse delivers precious gifts from the Cosmos.

Bronze-Forest-MoonThe gifts are delivered in the form of light beyond our solar system. This happens during the eclipse when the Moon temporarily loses contact with the Sun.

At the moment when the Moon is covered with the Earth’s shadow and becomes “unplugged” from the Sun, a doorway opens in the zodiac. Through this portal or portal we receive a burst of Cosmic light.

This doorway stays open until the Moon passes through this spot again later this month.

The Gifts of this Eclipse

During the coming days you can receive powerful healing and new manifestations. There are two complementary aspects to the gifts of this eclipse.

The first gift is that of deep inner calm and trust. This is the calm of mindfulness, and the gift of alignment to your truest Self. When you are in alignment you will know it because you feel secure, and confident and calm. Even when there are changes happening all around you, you won’t be disturbed. You’ll be able to transcend external distractions and remain calm and quiet within.

The second gift is that of new strength and support from all forms of relationship. If you’re feeling overextended, tired or stressed, remember to ask for help. The help can come in many forms, but the significant pattern right now is the degree to which help is available. You have the potential this month to establish new connections and expand your capacity for growth through collaboration. These relationships are designed to support the larger stream of positive momentum in your life.

Expect to receive many gifts and blessings this month. Part of the reason for the possibility of deep healing and transformation  is that the normal constraints of time and space are lifted. This is why we say that during an eclipse portal you can make quantum leaps forward in your life.

The Power of Synchronicity

The Helpers use synchronicity to communicate with us. Whenever the Universe offers a special gift, there are always synchronicities that accompany, to get your attention and help you understand what’s available. One very effective way to understand your personal opportunity during this Eclipse comes from directly observing what’s unfolding in your life.

We usually think of synchronicity as a pleasant experience. Very often, however, the helpful messages from the Universe come in the form of discomfort. Uncomfortable synchronicities are an effective way to get our attention, and also serve the purpose of activating exactly the pattern that is asking to be healed.

If you are able to recognize the discomfort as an opportunity, then you can reflect on whether there is an underlying pattern. You can ask for help and receive the gifts that can help you can transcend this pattern.

Because of the strength of the opportunity during days leading up to and following an eclipse, the synchronicities can be especially intense. There’s no need to be afraid about this. Once you get the message and identify the pattern, you will feel relief and appreciation. Then you can ask for help. You don’t need to know the solution, only set your intention to be available and hold curiosity about receiving the unlimited help and support that the Universe has in store.

In this way, even with the most seemingly mundane situations, you have the possibility for lasting change. You can leave behind  limitation and experience new freedom and joy-filled possibilities. The portal will remain open until April 29 when the Moon returns to 15 degrees Libra. I wish you a month of blessings.

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