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Welcoming the Fall Equinox

Flower_of_lifeToday we celebrate the annual Harvest Moon. Traditionally the Full Moon closest to Fall Equinox was welcomed because of the extra light it offered during the important harvest season. This week you can celebrate the Harvest Moon in a similar way, by taking inventory of your own personal harvest.

As you reflect on your life over the past several months, what are the gifts you have received? What challenges have you overcome? What new skills and abilities have you anchored? What circumstances and relationships bring blessings to your life?

The Importance of Fall Equinox

Each year the Fall Equinox brings new possibilities to your life.

This is the midway point of an annual cycle of growth which began in March at the Spring Equinox. The six months of spring and summer are focused on personal growth and personal development. When the Fall Equinox arrives you enter the second half of the cycle, and bring your gifts to the world.

Fall is all about creation. You have the opportunity now to build new worlds by connecting with others. In the second half of the year, the highest potentials are available through collaboration and co-creation. The size of the group isn’t what matters. What’s important is the opportunity to bring your gifts and talents to a larger playing field so that something even bigger can be born.

Ways to Reflect and Prepare for Fall

  • Access your eagerness and optimism for what is coming. This includes appreciation for all of the good that currently exists, and eagerness for all that you envision and feel. This is an important time to anchor in trust and confidence that your dreams WILL become manifest. When Fall arrives the magnetism of your field will attract the circumstances and Helpers you need to bring your dreams to form.
  • Feel the power of balance and equilibrium in your life. Inner balance is a quality of the will. In order to succeed in the world, you need to be able to maintain your inner sense of balance, and not be shifted by external circumstances. During this time of equal day and night, you have the opportunity to feel true “cosmic equilibrium” and expand your own capacity for inner balance. What is your current capacity for inner equilibrium? Where do you desire more balance? Set these intentions.
  • The power of the night sky. As the Sun recedes each year, our awareness returns to the night sky. We reconnect with the multitude of Stars, our reminder of our membership in the larger community of the Universe. Take time in the evening or early morning to revisit the night sky and your own favorite stars. To which star systems and constellations do you feel connected?

Shifting from Self-Reliance to the Group

Spring and summer are all about self-reliance and personal development. Those are the seasons to practice personal empowerment. As you move into fall the focus shifts, and it’s time to be aware of your connections to others. Fall is about relationships. The skills of collaboration and communication will help you bring your personal dreams to form.

What are your skills in relationship? Where do you have room for growth?

  • Is it easy for you to ask for help?
  • When and with whom do you fall back on habits of self reliance and going it alone?
  • Do you have fears about giving up your power?
  • Are you able to release personal attachment to outcome in order that a larger vision may be realized?

The highest possibilities this fall lie in the creative power of your relationships. When you collaborate with like-minded Others, together you will create a larger good.

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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