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Riding the Horse – What’s Your Word for 2014?

There’s a force of creative change in the air. Can you feel it? At the end of this week, with Thursday’s New Moon, we say goodbye to the Water Snake and cross the threshold into the Year of the Wood Horse.

There could hardly be two more contrasting “tides of chi” than what we experienced in the 2013 Snake Year and what is coming now in 2014 with the Horse.

Imagine the difference of being in the deepest depths of the ocean with a giant mysterious sea serpent and now, suddenly, rising up from the depths to step onto a wild stallion, ready to charge across the plain.

This will be a year to charge forward in your life.

Each year I choose a word that describes my intentions and focus for the year. My word for 2013 was “Balance.” I embraced the deep and internal energy of the Water Snake year to support my own journey within. As I danced with the circumstances in my life, I returned to this touchstone of “Balance” again and again. The teachings unfolded.

This year I’m feeling the eagerness of the Horse. I’m ready to charge forward and manifest in the world. My word for 2014 is “Vitality.” I’m eager to take the deep roots and internal strength of last year and come out to the light of day through creative activity in the world. I intend to nurture my vitality so that I’m ready for the adventures ahead.

What’s your word for 2014? What practices, habits, and positive mindset will support you? The next few days are the perfect time to take stock and reflect on the gifts of the last two years, and your visions for moving forward.  Feel your own eagerness for what’s coming.

You don’t have to know exactly what will happen. Just enjoy the feeling of creativity and potential that’s surrounding you. Your word will emerge. Your Self already knows.

Thursday’s New Moon is opening the door to the New Year. I invite you to take some time to celebrate your life.

Here are Some Ideas to Get You Started

  • Set aside some time for reflection and creative play
  • Feel the eagerness of what is coming
  • Choose a contemplative activity: take a walk, make a cup of tea, grab your journal, consult your Tarot cards
  • Draw, paint, dance, sing
  • Use a journal template – I love Susan Conway’s “Unraveling the Year Ahead.” The first half covers your reflections on the previous year, the second half is for visioning your future.

Want more inspiration? Check out this week’s New Moon Tarot. There’s some practical and positive guidance for entering the Year of the Horse. To receive Tarot readings in your inbox update your subscription here.

There are so many blessings awaiting you this year. The Wood Horse loves new activity and creative challenge. In the coming months you will have ample opportunities for both.

Opportunities Ahead

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