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Welcoming the Year of the Goat

Happy New Year!

Today we celebrate a new beginning in the annual cycles of time. The Year of the Goat begins at the second New Moon following Winter Solstice. In Chinese philosophy this is recognized as the Moon of new opportunity and new life. In the tradition, all debts are forgiven and each of us has the opportunity for a ‘reboot.’

The Year of the Wood Goat

Year of the Wood Goat, Elizabeth Schermer and Fundamental Feng ShuiTo understand how to best access your personal reboot, it’s helpful to know a bit about the energetic flavor of the coming year.

First, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ years. Rather each year holds particular opportunities and unique challenges. We experience success to the degree that we are able to go with the natural flow, acting in accordance with the opportunities available.

Of course this very general flavor we are calling the “Wood Goat Year” is a broad stroke. There are innumerable complex factors that contribute to the circumstances of the year, including your personal destiny.

Even though this is a broad approach, understanding the general patterns of this annual cycle can help you navigate the opportunities of the year in very practical ways. Here are just a few of the principles that can help you step intentionally into the new year.

Youthful Vitality

Year of the Wood Goat - Leaping KidThink of the Yin Wood Goat as a newborn kid, exuberant and full of life. It is said that newborn kids begin bouncing irrepressibly only three hours after being born.

Can you release any stresses from the past and embrace new possibility? What would it feel like to experience this kind of resilience in your life?

Creativity, Eagerness, and Curiosity

There is a light-hearted quality to the youthful energy of the year. When you can access curiosity and creativity you will be in the stream of new possibilities that are waiting for you. Laughter and humor are also qualities of the irrepressible goat.


This is a year of intentional community, lived from the heart. Authentic friendships will thrive this year. This kind of connection is not an intellectual construct. This is kindness simply because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do.

Imagine the richness of the year ahead, filled with true friends and supportive community. What actions can you take to nurture those relationships now?

Harmony and a Sense of Beauty

The energy signature of the year has a deep affinity for all forms of harmony, including harmony in your environment. This is the meaning of personal Feng Shui in the deepest sense. Tending to your space will be a way to support yourself this year.


There is a simple clarity and strength to the energy of the year. It requires you to show up in practical and authentic ways. Speak your truth to your self and others. Again, living simply from the heart is a key practice this year that will serve you well.

Balance and Equilibrium

The combination of all of these factors leads to another strength of the goat, which is an amazing capacity for balance. Even young mountain goats can climb nearly vertical cliffs, suspended thousands of feet above the ground.

Saying Good-bye to the Horse Year

The Year of the Wood GoatThe powerful force of the 2014 Horse Year is going out with a bang. The last year was very ‘yang,’ in fact the strongest energy possible in the 60 year cycle. Still now you may feel a kind of residual energy signature, a lingering memory of swirling momentum, that can distract you from the freshness of the new opportunity.

Understanding the opportunity of the new Wood Goat can help you step out of whatever still remains of the old momentum. It’s time for a fresh start!

Many of us have experienced different forms of chaos in the past several weeks. Indeed, some people experienced true challenge throughout this past year. Take note of the lessons you learned from the Horse. Respect your accomplishments.

If you’re tired or depleted, note your own stress patterns and do your best to avoid all forms of negativity. As much as possible take time in the coming days to nourish your vitality. Replenish yourself. Take time to rest and above all, live from your heart.

Welcome the Fresh Start

Set your sights on the principles of the youthful goat and you’ll be riding with the natural momentum.

Imagine yourself approaching circumstances with humor, flexibility, creativity, vitality, honesty, and simple kindheartedness. Imagine a new capacity for sensitivity and experiencing the strength of friendship and collective community.

Which of the qualities listed here come naturally to you? Which do you recognize in your friends and family?

This isn’t a year to go it alone. The more you can give and receive within a circle of support the more you will thrive. This is a year to learn about simple humanity.

Have a wonderful year!

Best Wishes,


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