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Full Moon Tarot Reading – Claim Your Brilliance Now!

Happy Full Moon!

This week’s Full Moon astrology chart is rare and spectacular.

To summarize the potentials, the Full Moon at 3:09 pm Tuesday is at 15º Leo, with the Sun at 15º Aquarius. Some of you will recognize these as two of the four annual cross-quarter points.

Located mid-way between solstice and equinox, each of these four points of powerful release were traditionally associated with sacred festivals designed to access the powerful potentials.

In the traditional Gaelic calendar at 15º Aquarius we celebrate St. Brigid’s feast day, also known as Imbolc, a feast of fire and new life, and the coming of Spring. Ground Hog Day is a remnant of this celebration of the dawning of spring.

This cross quarter day is always significant. With the Full Moon opposite on the power point of 15º Leo, the potential is exponentially amplified.

Strength/Lust, the Thoth TarotThe Tarot card for Leo, Strength/Lust, aptly describes the fire and passion and power that is available to you at this Leo Moon.

To fully understand the potentials of this Moon, imagine that in the coming two weeks you have the capacity to fully connect to your inner fire and self confidence.

As you expand into your true Strength (Lustre), you begin to experience your truest essence. You come into alignment with your true potential and receive blessings aligned with the Star that you are. (see Aquarius, the Star).

In short, with the Sun and Moon in opposition on two cross quarters, there is the possibility for dramatic transformation in your life.

The coming two weeks can initiate life-changing possibilities. Today’s Full Moon Tarot reading offers practical and inspiring advice for supporting your step into brilliance.

Full Moon Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotThe 10 of Wands, Oppression, in the position of the Body speaks to the intensity of the energies that are being released.

This is fire energy completely full and overflowing. Without understanding what’s happening, the intensity of this release of energy can lead to fear. In  fact, the 10 of Wands can lead to all forms of overwhelm, including stress, anxiety, even migraine.

Don’t be alarmed. You have all that need to channel this fire into new brilliance. Read on!

The 9 of Wands, Strength, in the position of the Mind signifies the importance of being grounded, both above and below. The 9 of Wands is the antidote to the overwhelm of the 10. This card has many layers of meaning but the most practical is helpful here: To access the potentials, especially if you’re feeling stressed, then the first point of awareness is to ground. Do whatever you need to do to balance your energy field and return to coherence.

You’ll recognize this coherence as creativity, confidence, and inspiration. You will also experience the determined willpower that signifies true alignment.

From this place of energetic balance you will know what to do, signified by the 8 of Wands, Swiftness.

The 8 of Wands, Swiftness, in the position of Spirit is the assurance that intuitive guidance will be clear. Whatever actions you need to take will become apparent as long as you’re tapped into inspiration rather than fear.

Your actions will have huge rewards in the coming two weeks, when they come from this place of alignment and trust.

The Sun, Thoth TarotThe fourth card, Something Else to Consider, is The Sun. What a powerful statement of the remarkable opportunities available this week!

The Sun represents your expanded awareness and also your capacity to step into new levels of leadership and inspired self confidence and purpose. The Sun in this spread is YOU – the radiant you, expanding into new opportunities aligned with your highest path of purpose.

Earlier I mentioned that the Tarot card for this month of Aquarius is The Star. The Sun in this spread represents you as the Star, embodying and expressing your radiant self – your Starlight – to the world.

This is time of blessing. Embrace the intensity with trust. If you feel fear or overwhelm, remember that it’s just the “bigness” of what’s available. If you need help, remember to ask. It will appear.

Welcome this opportunity to step into brilliance. The world is waiting for your light!

For more specifics on this spectacular Full Moon, read Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon Astrology article.

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